About Syncount

Syncount is an all-round accountancy and tax firm consisting of highly qualified accountants, tax advisors, corporate lawyers and financial advisors. 
We get the most for our clients and are your partner in business.

Expat private individual

Expats (employed or freelance):

Tax law can be a maze for expats. In addition to national legislation, you often have to deal with international tax treaties and social security legislation as well. Lots of information is in Dutch, which makes it difficult to understand. Syncount can take care of everything for you or assist you in your search for information. For instance, we can help you with your domestic, foreign or migration declaration, but also with your contact with the tax authorities, with residence certificates, with the 30% rule and in the field of financial planning.

(Former) employees or other persons working for international law organisations or embassies

Employees of an international organisation such as the International Criminal Court, European Patent Organisation, ESA-ESTEC, NATO or a similar organisation are often entitled to tax privileges. For instance, an exemption from income tax and social security contributions may apply, or a refund of VAT on goods. If you work at an embassy or consulate, you may also have tax privileges. If you work as an expert, consultant, contractor, interpreter or defence team, separate rules apply. At Syncount, we specialise in the tax issues of people who work for such an organisation or an embassy.

Expat companies

Your administration:

You can outsource your administration to Syncount. We work with scanning software for this. You send your invoices and receipts by e-mail and Syncount processes these in your administration. We automatically collect bank mutations from the bank after your approval. This allows us to quickly process your invoices, bank mutations and other data. This means your financial administration is always up to date.

With Syncount Inzicht, your administration is made clear. Syncount maintains your administration and you have insight into the financial development of your organisation every day, with the option to respond and make adjustments quickly. Thanks to the online accounting with current figures for your business and the associated tools, we give you good insight into the daily state of affairs within your company. Syncount Inzicht is currently only available in Dutch.

Syncount Lifecycle:

Whatever phase your company is in, we can help you. In the start-up phase, it is important to properly arrange things like legal form, personnel, financing, administration and much more. If you want to innovate and invest, you need capital, and tax advantages often apply. If you want to restructure or sell your company, it is important to know what the value of your company is or what structure best suits your wishes and needs. For pension and business succession, you may want to know how you can best arrange this financially. No matter what phase your company is in, we can inform you, assist you or fully unburden you. From legal advice to accounting and from will to VAT.