Syncount aanwezig op Iamexpatfair (Syncount present at the Iamexpatfair)

Vrijdag 25 Oktober 2019
On November 9, 2019 Syncount will be present at the Iamexpatfair in The Hague and shall host the game quiz: how much do you know about the Netherlands? Take the quiz at the Iamexpatfair at the Syncount accountants and tax advisors stand and win a prize.

Syncount is the international specialist in tax matters for expats and people with privileges working for an international organisation. We can, for example, submit your Dutch income tax return, determine in which country you are liable for tax or in which country you are socially insured. Furthermore we have extensive knowledge about tax matters of privileged persons who work for an embassy or an international organization.

Do you have any tax questions or are you interested in what kind of services we can offer you? Please visit the Syncount stand at the fair or contact Karen Wieringa, Tax advisor: 06-34939975, Syncount is a member of Kreston International, a Global network of independent accounting firms.


The IamExpat Fair The Hague 2019 will take place in the Grote Kerk from 10am to 5pm. Entrance to the IamExpat Fair is free with online registration.


 Karen Wieringa


 Jos Raets